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Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, lies on both banks of the Danube River, a major European waterway, and on the foothills of the Little Carpathian Mountains.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Most of Bratislava has a warm and moderate dry lowland climate with average temperatures ranging from -1oC to -4oC in January and from 19.5oC to 20.5oC in July. Annual rainfall varies from 530 to 650 mm. Bratislava ranks among the warmest places in Slovakia, and strong winds help to remove air pollution and to improve the air quality.

Bratislava, the largest and the most important Slovak city, has a rich history. From its beginnings and throughtout its historical development it has ranked among the most prominent cities of Central Europe. It has played an important role in the spheres of economic, politic, administrative, cultural, national, and social transformations and in decisive historical events.

The Bratislava Castle Complex
A national Cultural Monument.

Hotels in Bratislava

Hotel Dukla Bratislava Hotel Dukla Bratislava  
Dulovo nam. 1, Bratislava
Hotel Dukla offers 104 rooms meeting high 3-star standards, located near the city centre.
Hotel Marrols, Bratislava Hotel Marrol's Bratislava  
Tobrucka 4, Bratislava
Hotel Marrol's is one of the finest four star hotels in Bratislava, with beautifully furnished rooms and excellent service.
Hotel Danube, Bratislava Hotel Danube Bratislava  
Rybne namestie 1, Bratislava
Meydan Danube Hotel is conveniently situated in the historical heart of the city, features view of the river and Bratislava castle.
Hotel Forum, Bratislava Hotel Forum Bratislava  
Hodzovo namestie 2, Bratislava
A member of the hotel chain Inter-Continental Hotels and Resorts offers a comfortable accommodation at the level of international standard.
City Hotel, Bratislava City Hotel Bratislava  
Seberiniho 9, Bratislava
Large 3-star hotel in Bratislava, situated between the airport and city centre, with shopping and cultural centres nearby.
Hotel Kamila, Bratislava Hotel Kamila Bratislava  
Cierna Voda 611, Chorvatsky Grob , Bratislava
Castle hotel out of the city. Original decoration and hotel facilities reflects the aestheticall touch of the owner - popular actress Kamila Magalova.
Hotel Kyjev, Bratislava Hotel Kyjev Bratislava 
Rajska 2, Bratislava
Hotel Kyjev is one of the largest Slovak hotels, located directly in the city center, is designed to accommodate large groups or individuals.
Hotel No 16, Bratislava Hotel No 16 Bratislava  (partner link)
Partizanska 16a, Bratislava
Luxury intimate hotel with a special family atmosphere in a green surroundings. Set in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by good air and handsome villas, Hotel No 16 opened its doors in 1992.
Pension Pegas, Bratislava Pension Pegas Bratislava   (partner link)
Vapenka 15, Bratislava
The Pegas Pension is situated in the attractive surroundings of the ranch where professional riding teams work and accommodation, restaurant and social activities are connected with sport and horse riding.

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