Slovakia has twelve caves which are open to public, half of them located in the Eastern Slovakia region. All of them are designated National Natural Monuments and four - Ochtina Argonite Cave and Domica, Gombasek and Jasov Caves - appear on the UNESCO list of the world's natural heritage sites.

Located within the Tatra National Park (TANAP), the Belian Cave is 1 752 m in lengh. The cave boasts calcite waterfalls, pagoda-like stalagmites and lakes. Eight kinds of bat inhabit the cave and there is a naturally-formed "music auditorium" in which concerts are held.

The Dobsina Ice Cave lies within the Slovensky raj (Slovak paradise) National Park and is one of the most famous ice caves in the world. The ice has a volume of 110 132 m3. In the Great Hall its thickness is as much as 26.5 metres.

Domica Cave lies in the vicinity of the Slovak-Hungarian border. It is 5 080 metres in lengh and forms a single entity with the Baradla Cave in Hungary. A trip along the underground river Styx is highly recommended. The cave is home to 11 kinds of bat.

Gombasek Cave in the Slovak Karst is exceptional in its slender quill-like formations which can be as long as three meters. The chambers are captivating in the fragility of form and coloring of the rich pigments.

The Jasov Cave near the little town of the same name offers interesting "cathedrals" and chambers and galleries deepened by river, pagoda-shaped stalagmites, waterfalls, scallops and anthodites.

Ochtina Aragonite Cave is a unique phenomenon of subterranean natural beauty that never ceases to amaze visitors with the wealth and variety of its aragonite ornamentation. In the so-called "Deep Cathedral" the lake has a depth of up to 3 metres.

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