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Currency and prices


Like many emerging market economies, Slovakia is subject to inflation and a very wide range of prices. However, while there will be exceptions, most of the services described fall within the price ranges indicated, as of January 2000.

Foreigners pay more than Slovak citizens. Rates may be per person or per room. In general, expenses per person for one night in a basic room in each category will be approximately as follows: USD 5 to 10 in a hostel (probably in fact a student or workers’ dormitory), USD 25 to 40 in older hotels with limited services, USD 50 to 65 in newer hotels, USD 75 to 150 for luxury hotels.

Excellent meals can be had starting at about USD 10 for one complete dinner, not including alcohol. Though there has been much inflation in restaurants recently, it is unusual to find meals even at the finest restaurants for twice this much. (Those who wish to save money can easily survive on under USD 5 per day.)

Airplane travel, once very inexpensive here, now has prices comparable for distance to regional travel in western Europe. Train and coach travel has roughly equal prices, with coaches a bit more expensive. Approximately USD 2 per 100 km is a rule of thumb.

As one might expect, imported goods tend to be more expensive here than in other countries. Clothing and food products from Slovakia, as well as souvenir handicrafts of wood, wool, ceramic and straw, often interest bargain-hunters.


- The best exchange rates almost certainly exist within Slovakia, so plan to change your money after you arrive.

- The best place to change money (for their reliability and their lower fees) is in banks.  Most hotels are also legal, and of course very convenient, methods of changing into Slovak crowns.  It is illegal to buy from the kind of people who approach you on the street offering exchange.

- As in other countries, an excellent exchange rate is usually available when using international credit cards for payment.

- For general reference, Slovak crown (SKK) rates are given below (consult your bank or other references for precise and current information):

Slovak National Bank
Actual exchange rates

Who's on the banknotes?

5.000 Sk - Milan Rastislav Stefanik, Slovak scientist and politic
1.000 Sk - Andrej Hlinka, leader of Slovak nationalist movement in 1920's and 30's
500 Sk - Ludovit Stur, led 1848 rebelion for Slovak rights in Hungary
200 Sk - Anton Bernolak first codified Slovak Language in 1787
100 Sk - Virgin Mary carved by Master Pavol of Levoca in 16th century
50 Sk - Saints Cyril and Methodius, founder of Slavonic writing
20 Sk - Pribina, first known Slovak ruler in the 9th century

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