Kezmarok castle Kezmarok city castle was constructed as a defensive castle. It is first mentioned in 1463 in connection with the Zapolsky family. Its history is linked with the Tokely family, who rebuilt the original Gothic fort into an ornate Rennaisance residence. They also built the baroque chapel. The castle burnt down several times in the 18th century and was repaired in the 18th and 20th centuries. General restoration work was carried out between 1962 and 1985. Since 1931 the castle has housed a museum with historical collections and exhibitions about the city and its surroundings.

Historic Kezmarok town lies in the Poprad basin, 14 km northeast of Poprad. Its earliest written mention dates from 1251, and it received municipal rights in 1269. As a free royal town, among its privileges figured two annual markets, Townspeople's homes from the Middle Ages and the rights to bear arms, to fish and to have a coat of arms. Kezmarok is well known for its traditions of craft manufacture and trading. Education and culture have no less rich traditions. The extensive historical core of the town features burgher houses and the remains of fortifications, registered as an Urban Preservation Area. Among the most significant buildings are the Thokoly castle and two National Cultural Sites - the wooden articulated church and the building of the Protestant grammar school.

The town's sprawling, irregular groundplan meakes for ideal strolling, with the streets fanning out from the castle, one of the main tourist atractions. Vestiges of the town fortifications can be seen on the streets Bastova ulica and Priekopa.

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