Kosice - metropole of Eastern Slovakia

St. Elizabeth's Cathedral Kosice is a regional administrative centre and Eastern Slovakia's hub of industry, commerce, science and culture, tourism and hotels. The country's second largest city, Kosice curently has a population of more than 250,000 inhabitants. The region of which it is administrative seat occupies an area of 6,753 km2 and has 11 district including 4 within the city itself, and 438 burroughs, of which 17 are city or urban housing estates.

Kosice is a city with an eventful and illustrious past, its earliest recorded mention dating from 1230, when it is referred to as "Villa Cassa". The coat of arms is the oldest in Europe, a fact attested to by a letter dated 1369. The city's historic sights - from various epochs - are concentrated in the historic centre, which is an Urban Heritage Area. The reconstructed main street, lined by burgher houses and palaces, offers visitors a pleasant stroll and is also the venue for major events in the life of the city.

St. Elizabeth's Cathedral built between 1378 and 1508 and a Gothic masterpiece, is the city's oldest architectural landmark. Particularly imposing is the winged main altar with its three oversize statues and forty-eight panel paintings, while the lateral altars, Gothic wall paintings and sculptures add to the charm. Refurbishment work on the Cathedral is currently under way.

St. Michael's Chapel located to the south of the Catedral, is a single-nave Gothic edifice from the 14th century. Originally a cemetery chapel, it is the city's second oldest building.

The Forgach palace, an eleven axial two storeyed palace of the nobillity built in Empire style in the early 19th century, now houses the State Science Library.

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