Liptov region

Liptov The Liptov region lies in the strip of land between the towering peaks of the High Tatras and the tree-covered hills of the Low Tatras, a country of rolling fields broken occasionally by a scenic church steeple. Liptov lays claim to some of the best preserved folk architecture in Slovakia - after all, they say this is where the Slovak traditional noodles "halusky" come from - as well as one of the country's nicest lakes , its longest caves, and the highest peak in the Low Tatras.

Liptovska Mara, a massive artificial lake, sits in the center of Liptov like the pupil of an eye, and the bulk of the region's tourist attractions center around the lake.

Liptovsky Mikulas
Liptovsky Mikulas is situated on the north of Slovakia, in the middle of the Liptov basin, stretching mostly on the right bank of the river Váh. It is surrounded by mountain ridges of the Low and West Tatras and the Choc Mountains. There is the Liptovská Mara Dam near the town.

Hotel Steve Hotel Steve  
Ulica 1. Maja 699, Liptovsky Mikulas
A 3-star Hotel Steve is located directly in the town centre of Liptovsky Mikulas.
Villa Betula - Caravan Club Villa Betula - Caravan Club  
Liptovská Sielnica , Liptovsky Mikulas
Villa Betula is a family guesthouse with a number of facilities. There is a restaurant which serves national dishes, but not the only one. There is also a sauna and jacuzzi.

Liptovsky Hradok
Liptovsky Hradok (population 8,600), is the tourist and economic centre of the region of Liptov and is situated under the the Nizke Tatry mountains and at the confluence of the Bela and Vah rivers.

Castle Liptovsky Hradok Castle Liptovsky Hradok   
Liptovsky Hradok , Liptovsky Hradok
The unique and timeless style of our Castle and Manor-House Hotel Liptovsky Hradok transports you into mystical old times. We offer relaxation in rare comfort and historical style for just 24 pampered guests.

Pribylina is a small village at the west foot of High Tatras, about 6 miles from Liptovsky Hradok. There is an open air folk museum with a skanzen of wooden architecture.

Villa Juno Villa Juno  
Pribylina 354, Pribylina
Located in the Northern Slovakia at the foothills of both Western and High Tatras, offers accommodation in 4 double rooms.

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