Poprad This modern town of forty-four thousand inhabitants south of the High Tatras is a centre for tourism and leisure and the main gateway to this mountain range. The town extends over the Poprad basin alongside the river which bears the same name. It is an important communications nexus with an international airport (currently operating only for private and charter flights). A promising future is in store for the town's engineering industry, exemplified particulary by the successful Whirlpool-Tatramat company, and for the region's tourism.

The urban heritage reserve of Spisska Sobota is also a part of Poprad. This former market community has a uniquely preserved historical town square with a Romanesque church which houses a Gothic altar to St.George, the work of Master Pavol of Levoca.

Spisska Sobota is one of the best preserved historical settlements in Slovakia and a visit there offers a welcome complement to a walking or sports holiday in the High Tatras whose panorama it so enchantingly adorns.

Places to see

Tatranska Galeria Poprad (Tatra Gallery)



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