Saris region

Saris is a historic land in the northern part of Eastern Slovakia and named after Saris Castle. It is made up, essentially, of the district of Presov, Bardejov, Svidnik and Stropkov, the first of these being the regional cultural and economic centre. Among Saris's popular leisure resorts are the Domasa Dam, and winter centres of Drienica-Lysa and Buce.

Evidence of the region's culture and history is abundant, including distinct popular tradition and surviving folk architecture, the pride of the region being, its wooden churches, more numerous here than in any other part of Slovakia. Totalling no fewer than twenty-six, they are together classified as a National Cultural Site.

Saris Castle - The ruins of this, one of the largest and most important of Slovak castles, are to be found above the village of Velky Saris.

Bardejov - an ancient town included in UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage Register, Bardejov retains a Medieval atmosphere which attracts many visitors. The rectangular town square is an Urban Conservation Area. A look at the renovated burgher houses on the square, a visit to the magnificent 11th-century Church of Saint Egidius with its original Gothic altars, or to the Saris Museum in the building of the former town hall are all musts for tourists, while the Museum's annex on Rhodyho street has the only exhibition of icons in Slovakia.

Sabinov - The major attraction here is the original Gothic church from the 14th century with its fine interior. Also well worth a look are the remnants of the town fortifications (15th and 16th centuries) and Renaissance burgher houses on the square. Sabinov is an excellent departure point for the Drienica-Lysa winter recreation area.

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