The Spas in Slovakia

Slovakia is rich in mineral and curative springs, which led to the establishment of many well-known spas.

Vysoke Tatry Spa

The climatic spas Strbske Pleso, situated in the western part of the High Tatras at a moraine terrace in the Tatra National Park, which is shielded from the north by the mountain range and open to the sun in the south. Its altitude is 1351 m above sea level and it is accessible by railway or from Poprad airport. The therapeutically effective climatic conditions are the basis for the treatment of some allergic diseases and non-specified upper respiratory tract ailments.

  • Strbske Pleso Spa Located in the high Vysoke Tatry mountains of the Carpathian range. Treatments of diseases of the respiratory organs -bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergic diseases, especially in children. Balneotherapeutic facilities, inhalations, electro- and hydro-therapy, diet.

    Bardejovske Kupele (Bardejov Spa)

    The medieval town of Bardejov has also given its name to nearby spa. Bardejovske Kupele lies amid a coniferious forest on the southern flank of the Low Beskydy mountains. The curative properties of its mineral waters and the therapeutic effects of the climate contribute to the treatment of disorders of the digestive system and non-specific respiratory disorders.

    The beneficial properties of Bardejov's waters were known as early as the 13th century, although the first written mention of the spa dates only from the beginning of the 16th century. The centre of the spa is formed by its eight springs of water with a high mineral content whose quality makes it one of the most significant waters of its kind.

    The extensive park and the spa alleys, along with the nearby open-air museum of folk architecture and the abundance of medieval buildings in the surrounding area, offer a wide range of leisure and sightseeing activities.
    The enchanting architecture of the former royal town of Bardejov is not be missed. The historic core is an urban heritage reserve for the conservation of which Bardejov was awarded a European gold medal in 1986. The main square, with its late Gothic town houses refashioned in the Renaissance, is the prime tourist attraction. In the square itself stands the oldest town hall in Slovakia. It is now the seat of the Saris museum. The interior of the cathedral of the St.Giles, which dates from 1415, boasts eleven original Gothic altars.

    Places to see:

    Open-air Museum of Folk Architecture Bardejovska Kupele, telephone.:0935/ 20 72 Bardejov

    Piestany Spa

    Quiet resort town of Piestany was founded in 1889 in the picturesque valley of the Vah river. The spa is renowned for successful treatment of arthrisis. Many treatment methods are based on the extraordinary therapeutic effects of thermal spings and curative mud. Piestany offers beautiful parks, sport facilities, summer music festival, year-round live entertainment, casino, and shopping. Gateway airports are Bratislava and Vienna.

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