Spisska Nova Ves

The first record of what is now the centre of Spis dates from 1268 and the reference is to Villa Nova, or Nova Ves. This gradually developed into a small mining town with rights of autonomy and the right to explore for and extract ores. As early as the 14th century a large number of copper, iron and silver mines were established. Rapid economic growth brought with it the development of education and culture. There was already a municipal school here in the 15th century.

Spisska Nova Ves Today, Spisska Nova Ves is a district seat of 35,000 inhabitants with a tradition in iron-ore mining, geological research and thefurniture and textile industries. In the vicinity are a number of major leisure centres, including Cingov and Plejsy ski areas. There are walking routes from the town to the Volovske vrchy hills and Slovak Paradise.

Places to see

The Roman Catholic Parish Church of the Assumption of Our Lady dates from the latter half of the 14th century. Its interior boasts some precious works by old masters, including a calvary by Master Pavol of Levoca dating from around 1520.

The largest cobbed square in Slovakia - a walk around it should take in the Catholic parish church , the Evangelical church, the Town Hall, the Reduta building, the Gallery of the Artists of Spis and the Provincial House, seat of the Ethnographic Museum.

The Modry vrch park - a protected habitat of rare flora and fauna.

Indoor swimming pool with thermal water.

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