Welcome to Medzilaborce, Slovakia, Europe

The town of Medzilaborce lies in a pictureque valley of the Laborec river in northeastern Slovakia. The rolling hills of the Nizke Beskydy Mountain Range are typical for this countryside. They are covered with forest, part of which is the Vychodne Karpaty Wild Refuge.

The oldest written record connected with Medzilaborce dates back to 1557 when Medzilaborce together with some other villages belonged, first, to the Csaky family and, later, to the Andrassy family manor. As early at the 17th century, an important trade route went across Medzilaborce connecting the interior of Slovakia with Poland through the Lupkov Pass.

Modern Medzilaborce has more than 6500 inhabitants, considerable number of whom belong to the Ruthenian and Ukrainian natioanl minorities.

The town is administrative and cultural centr of the Laborec Region. It is crossed by the rail road conecting it with Poland. The most important companies in the local economy are Lastroj and Lusk. It is especially the private sector and service industries that are developing rapidly at this time.

The memory of the historic battle at the end of World War II is preserved in the monument erected in the square in honour to those who liberated the town and who took part in the resistance against German fascism.

Fine examples of ecclesiastical art are the Church of the Virgin Mary from 1903, the Church of St. Basilius the Great from the end of the 18th century and the Orthodox Church from 1949 built in the Old Russian Renaissance style.

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